Miami here I come!!!

After many emails, text, and phone call requests to visit sunny south Florida I’ve finally planned a trip. It’s been a long time since I’ve visited this beautiful place I use to call home but I am excited to be coming back. I’m hoping to catch up with many old friends and of course meet and greet some Real fans. I’m bringing along a sexy friend as well, so lots of fun is inevitable. Feel free to email me for inquiries and also look out for my postings. I’ll be spending most of my time on south beach but I will be in ft lauderdale as well. Thanx in advance and can’t wait to see you all.


Miss Sexy Jade

visiting South Beach, Miami 5/16-21

visiting Fort Lauderdale, FL 5/22-25

California Girl.

Hi guys, sorry I didn’t update my tour sooner but I am spending the entire month of February in Cali. I’ve already been to San Diego, currently in LA. I’ll post other cities/dates below.

Last night I was fortunate enough to attend the Tranny Awards as a VIP guest. It was great to see all of my old colleagues and fans. Congrats to all the winners and nominees. A special shout out to my BFF Fooxy who took home an aware for best Sex Scene.

Tour dates:

Los Angeles 2/16-20

Las Vegas 2/20-23

San Francisco 2/23-27

stay posted for possible dates for Sacramento, San Jose, Seattle.

TS dating

Hi guys,
I found a cool new dating site where you can go to meet sexy girls like myself who are actually looking for personal relationships. I think this is really cool because I’ve always made it known that I despise the fact guys try to mix business with pleasure. Websites like the Eros-guide, backpage, etc are geared toward “working” girls not personal hookups. Do these girls come to your jobs disturbing you from working trying to get you to hookup? So let’s give them the same respect.
So go check out And find a hot date tonight.

Sexy Jade Feb 2014 tour

Hi guys, I’ve been enjoying home so much. If you follow me on twitter and Instagram then you see how much fun I have with my friends. But I’m itching to do some traveling so I’ve decided to team up with my BFF Foxxy and take it out west. But not before I make up my DMV trip that was canceled because if snow. Check out my travel dates below and hopefully I’ll be coming to a city near you.

Alexandria, VA 2/4-8
San Diego, CA 2/9-15
Los Angeles, CA 2/16-19
San Francisco, CA 2/20-24
Stay posted for other west coast cities and dates.

Happy New Year!!! Hello Gulf Coast

I would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2014. I spent my new year at the hard rock in Biloxi. Had a blast. I am heading to New Orleans Friday 1/3-8. Can’t wait to see my fans this trip is long overdue.
Thx for the loce and support. Kisses

Happy Holidays… Travel schedule.

Hi guys, I hope everyone is having a happy holiday. My apologies on nit updating lately but I’ve been busy working. I’m blessed to be in loved in some new endeavors.
I will be traveling back to the Dmv area this week
Visiting Alexandria 11/6-10
Visiting Baltimore 11/10-14

I had to add Alexandria to my schedule because I was suppose to visit last month and didn’t get a chance to. Thx to everyone for all the emails and well wishes. I truly appreciate all the positive energy.
Don’t forget to check out my new mega website

P.s. I will possibly be visiting Chicago after I leave Baltimore. The dates would be 11/14-18. Those dates are not set in stone yet so stay posted.

Hello New York

It’s a known fact that I’m not a fan of cold weather but I just couldn’t end the year without visiting my favorite city just one last time. New York City here I am. I will be visiting until Tuesday Nov. 19th then it’s back home to my warm bed to prepare for the holidays.
Luckily my BFF TS Foxy will be joining me in the city and we’re bound to get into sum exciting things together #BadGirls
I’m looking fwd to seeing all my dedicated fans who have stayed down with me all these years and maybe even a few newbies. I hope I have a chance to do a little shopping before I leave and maybe catch a movie. Gotta mix a little business with pleasure right. I refuse to let this business corrupt me.
Thanx for reading guys and hope to see you all soon.
Stay Sexy,
Miss Jade

P.s. for inquiries and information about seeing me in NYC email me at

West Coast here I come…

Finally headed back to the west coast. I can’t wait to see my friends and fans from Cali and Vegas.
But first I will be visiting Phoenix, AZ where I’ve never been before. But over the years have gotten many requests to visit. After that ill be headed to LA and then hopefully to Vegas. Lets see how things go.
Buckle up West Coast because SexyJade is back!!!

On the road again….Carolina

I just can’t seem to stay away from the Carolina’s. as much as I complained about this place the last time I was here I find myself back yet again. I think I have a good excuse this time. A very generous gentleman sent for me to come and spend some time with him, mind you ill travel anywhere if you send for me, pay the expenses and my travel rate (1500). That’s just a little food for thought.
Anyway even tho I am here to see specifically one person I will be staying long enuff to make time for those of you who want to see me while I’m here.
Currently in Charlotte but I will be traveling to Greensboro and possibly Raleigh, and maybe even Charleston. I’ve only been there once can’t remember if I had a good time or not.
Anyway I have to be back home in Atlanta next weekend but after that the following week I am planning a Florida tour Jacksonville which I’ve never visited, Orlando and Tampa where I haven’t been for yrs, and then hopefully South Florida for sum leisure and playtime. So stay posted for those dates.
Hope everyone is well oh and by the way I’ve started to verify my ads thru a YouTube channel I created just for that purpose. So find my channel on YouTube under SexyJade007. And I’ll always post a verification link to those videos anywhere you see my ads.
Thx for reading,

Rambling blah blah blah

It’s funny how people are so caught up on image. Sometimes I go online and just google my name just to see what comes up. And amongst all the porn I’ve done over the years sometimes I find a blog post about What’s sexy jade doing these days etc. then there’s always some airhead asking have I had a sex change and what a waste if I have etc. Have I done any videos lately, why haven’t I done any, or what do I look like naked.
let me explain something to you all. I devoted 10 years of my life to porn and to the adult industry therefore I paid my dues in my opinion. And since I’ve retired from porn (as of 2010) whatever decisions I choose to make in my life is my business and mine alone. I am no longer in the business or in the spotlight so I have no obligation to reveal anything about myself or what I am doing.
Just know that I am living my life and that I am happy. And rest assured knowing that I left you plenty if content to feed off of. I appreciate all the genuine love from my fans who truly want to know how I am doing that’s why I started to update this blog again. Also that’s why I decided to take a little tour this summer. I had a blast by the way. I missed you guys a little bit lol.
But again know that I am doing just find I’ve moved on to other endeavors in my life and am truly happy. Yes sometimes I am available to meet select guys but that’s another post altogether. Thanx again for your support and concern.
Enjoy the site